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Fruits & Vegetables
“It’s hard to beat this selection... or these prices!”
Spotlight Growers These fantastic growers and producers have gone above and beyond in our eyes. -Hillcrest Farms -Dancing Bear -Rising Sun Farms Come in and see our selection... It doesn’t get any fresher than this!
With   over   a   1,500   different   fruits,   vegetables,   and   items   to   choose   from,   we   have      a   large selection   of   locally   grown   produce   but   it   doesn’t   just   stop   there.   We   also      carry   a   large   amount of offerings from local deli’s, bakeries and confectioneries. Pick   up   a   quiche   from   Heidi’s   Pie   in   the   Sky,   sandwiches   from   Gourmet      Lunchbox,   or   satisfy your   sweet   tooth   with   some   goodies   from   My   Sweet   ol’      Etcetera!      Why,   we   even   have   Irish Salsa! and carry Fresh Juices from Bolthouse  farms, Odwalla and more. From   Fresh   local   produce,   to   salad   mixes   and   dressings,   to   hummus   or   tofu   or      Yumm   Sauce, Ashland’s Shop N Kart Produce Department is sure to have  something tickle your fancy.
Welcome to the Ashland’s Shop’n Kart Produce Department
 Our Produce department gets fresh loads delivered 6 days a week to sustain our large variety of Organic and Commercial grown produce from our many local suppliers.