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“A Beer Connoisseur’s Playground!  The odds are...we have it.”
At Ashland’s Shop’n Kart, we pride ourselves on our broad selection of domestic micro-brews along with some old favorites and fantastic imports. On the very local front we carry Southern Oregon Brewing Company (SOB), Caldera, and Klamath Basin Brewing Company along with many other great Oregon beers. We are continually updating our selection, so regardless of whether you are searching for the hottest new brand or an old friend, we are the place to stop & shop. NEW COOLERS! EVEN LARGER SELECTION!    Our miles and miles of beer are ever-changing, and we always have some gluten free beers as well as a great selection of ciders for those of you who are looking for something different. What are you looking for?  What haven’t you tried?  Odds are... WE HAVE IT.
Wine & Beer
“Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance” – Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
         Ashland’s   Shop’n   Kart    wine   department   looks   around   the world   to   bring   you   great   values   for   every   occasion.   Whether   you   are looking   for   a   dependable   everyday   table   wine,   something   for   date night,   or   for   a   taste   of   what   local   wineries   have   to   offer,   we   are   here to   help.      We   also   carry   organic   wine,   along   with   a   number   of   wines that    are    sulfite    free.    The    selection    is    constantly    changing    as different    wines    and    vintages    become    available.    Follow    us    on Facebook,   check   out   our   newsletter,   or   just   come   chat   with   the   wine steward to find out about the newest offerings.          C heck   out   our   large   selection   of   local   wines   featuring   Troon,   Del Rio,   Quady   North,   RoxyAnn,   and   many   many   more.   We   also   have   a substantial   number   of   organic,   and   low/no   sulfite   wines.   If   it’s   the imports   you’re   into,   we   have   just   expanded   our   imported   wine   set to make more room for some amazing new wines.          I f   you   aren't   sure   what   you’re   in   the   mood   for,   come   to   one   of   our many    wine    tastings.    The    schedule    is    on    the    website    and    the newsletter.   We   have   a   lot   of   local   wineries   come   in   as   well   as   some other   fun   wines.   This   is   a   great   opportunity   to   be   adventurous   and try something outside of your comfort zone.
Wine    Enthusiast    named    Ashland    one    of    its    “10    Best    Wine    Travel Destinations”     for     2016.     Sunset     magazine’s     October     article     touting Southern    Oregon’s    myriad    wine    offerings,    reasonable    rates    and    few crowds   came   on   the   heels   of   a   similar   article   in   the   New   York   Times   the year   before.   And   the   San   Francisco   Chronicle   is   featuring   the   region’s wines   at   its   Feb.   13   Grand   Tasting   at   Fort   Mason   in   San   Francisco,   an event expected to draw thousands. Foris    Vineyards’    2014    Pinot    Gris    and    Pebblestone    Cellars’    2014    Ellis Vineyards    Viognier    earned    Best    of    Show    awards    as    Southern    Oregon wineries,   including   Applegate,   Elkton,   Rogue   Valley   and   Umpqua   Valley locations,   reeled   in   a   total   of   134   medals   in   the   Chronicle’s   competition. Another   nine   entries   earned   double   golds   and   15   garnered   golds.   All   those entries will be available at the grand tasting.
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